Streamline Drift

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Flight Numbers: Speed: 7, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, Fade: 1

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Thumbnail Color Plastic-Streamline Stamp Foil Stamp Foil - 2 Stamp Foil - 3 Weight Scaled Weight Flatness Stiffness PriceStockQuantity
Streamline Drift - yellowgreen - proton - black - pink-purple-fade - silver - 174g - 176-0g - neutral - somewhat-stiff Yellow/GreenProtonBlackPink Purple FadeSilver174g176.0g(4) - Neutral Flatness(5) - Somewhat Stiff $14.68 Just 1 left!
Streamline Drift - orange - proton - 830 - 304 - 1194 - 174g - 175-9g - neutral - somewhat-stiff OrangeProton---174g175.9g(4) - Neutral Flatness(5) - Somewhat Stiff $14.68 Just 1 left!
Streamline Drift - pink - proton - 830 - 304 - 1194 - 175g - 176-5g - pretty-domey - somewhat-stiff PinkProton---175g176.5g(6) - Pretty Domey(5) - Somewhat Stiff $14.68 Just 1 left!
Streamline Drift - dark-green - proton - blue-fade - black - silver - 163g - 164-5g - neutral - somewhat-stiff Dark GreenProtonBlue FadeBlackSilver163g164.5g(4) - Neutral Flatness(5) - Somewhat Stiff $14.68 Just 1 left!
Streamline Drift - yellowgreen - proton - blue-fade - black - silver - 157g - 157-3g - pretty-flat - neutral Yellow/GreenProtonBlue FadeBlackSilver157g157.3g(2) - Pretty Flat(4) - Neutral Stiffness $14.68 Just 1 left!
Streamline Drift - yellowgreen - proton - yellow-green-fade - black - silver - 157g - 157-6g - pretty-flat - neutral Yellow/GreenProtonYellow/Green FadeBlackSilver157g157.6g(2) - Pretty Flat(4) - Neutral Stiffness $14.68 Just 1 left!
Streamline Drift - green - proton - pink-purp-fade - black - silver - 163g - 165-2g - neutral - somewhat-stiff GreenProtonPink/Purp FadeBlackSilver163g165.2g(4) - Neutral Flatness(5) - Somewhat Stiff $14.68 Just 1 left!

18 reviews for Streamline Drift

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  1. Jackson Barnes (verified owner)

    Longtime MVP fan, first time trying Streamline. Love it.

  2. William Freeman (verified owner)

    I think I was hoping it’d feel a little faster in the hand than it does, and maybe be a touch less stable out of the box. Overall great disc in great plastic. Love the blank stamp. Not gonna make the bag, but still a great disc. I’d say it flies super similar to a leopard3 but with more glide and much more dome if you’re looking for that.

  3. William Collins (verified owner)

    Favorite 7 speed fairway. Very neutral and controllable.

  4. Ian (verified owner)

    Replaced the leopards in my bag with two of these at different weights and domeyness. One Cosmic Neutron (175/domey) and one in Proton (158/flat) and they are both amazing. Highly recommend these to everyone.

  5. Ryan C. (verified owner)

    Love this disc, bought it as a replacement for one I lost (found it the next day). Flies pretty straight overall. Has a controllable turn and reliable fade, neither of which is unpredictable. Flatness and stiffness ratings were right on point as well

  6. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

    Excellent disc. Excellent plastic. Streamline is worth checking out.

  7. Jeffrey F. (verified owner)

    The perfect level of under stability on a control driver for a beginner to intermediate. This is my girlfriend’s go-to driver off the tee and she loves the consistent flight and distance she gets with it

  8. Caleb (verified owner)

    Like it alot

  9. Todd (verified owner)

    Great disc! I’m a lefty and use this for my backhand and forehand shots. The Drift feels good in my hand and works very well for me.

  10. Forrest Lightsey (verified owner)

    I LOVE OTB!!! Their disc description is great! I want to know firmness and flat/domey on my discs. They are also on top of issues that come up and they refunded my shipping on a second order I placed on the same day. I will definitely order more from OTB. Thanks guys.

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Streamline Drift – The sister company with Axiom and MVP, Streamline is the non overmold versions of the same plastic. These molds feel really good, and the Stramline Drift is no different. With a fantastic feel, these slow fairway drivers have a ton of glide. They are easy to throw and get tons of distance, with effortless turn and enough fade to trust while throwing full power, the Streamline Drift is an easy to throw fairway for players of all skill levels. With super straight flights, these are super useful for long shots that need to stay super straight. It has a midrange like flight with feel and distance of a fairway driver.

Here is what Streamline says about the mold: “The Drift is designed for laser straight lines ending with a gentle fade and an exceptional amount of glide, providing easy distance with this highly versatile driver. The Drift has a modest rim size, a slightly domed profile, and an easily activated turn for hyzer-flips or big turnover shots. The Drift will make its grand debut in Neutron Plastic, pairing perfectly with its bright opaque colors, durability, and grip. This Speed 7 driver is the first fairway driver in the Streamline fleet and continues the trend of stunning triple-foil stock stamps.”

Flight Numbers: Speed: 7, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, Fade: 1