Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spectrum for Flatness?

Here is the list of each, in order from most flat to most domey, with a short description of each.

(1) Very Flat – The flattest of all, there is no shoulder and the flight plate is extremely flat.

(2) Pretty Flat – There is some shoulder or a very slight rise in the flight plate. Still pretty darn flat, but a touch above the very flat listed above.

(3) Somewhat Flat – Decent shoulder to a flatter flight plate, or a flight plate that is just a bit flatter than a neutral one.

(4) Neutral Flatness – Could also be labeled neutral domey-ness. These discs are neither flat, nor domey. A very neutral flight plate all around.

(5) Somewhat Domey – Has a little bit of a dome to it, some pop top/heartbeat or just a steady rise across the flight plate.

(6) Pretty Domey – Definite heartbeat/pop top. These discs are noticeably domey.

(7) Very Domey – Something that stands out as being quite darn domey =P – These discs can double as cereal bowls in tough times!

There are some puddle topped discs as well – these discs are concave on the top instead of having a dome to them. They range from (-3) Very Puddle top to (-1) Somewhat Puddle top

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How quickly are orders processed?

Processing orders quickly and accurately is our top priority. Virtually all orders are processed same day or next business day. We close early to the public on Wed/Thu but often there is still someone there to process online orders and ship them out. We generally get all orders placed by 2pm PST out the same day. We are in California so for our East coast friends it means you can place an order at 5pm and it has a good chance of still going out that day =).

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Where is the store located?

We are in Stockton, CA at 255 E Alpine Ave (95204 zip). Stop by and check out our shop! We’re the one with the purple drapes in the window 🙂

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Will I get tracking information on my shipment?

Of course!

There are 3 emails that you will receive throughout the processing of your order. The first will be automatic when you place your order, giving you a confirmation that it was received. The second will be a human response when your order is pulled and is ready for shipment. The final email will be automatically sent from our shipping website with your tracking information.

Most orders are sent USPS First Class or Priority mail and arrive within 3 business days, often in the first day or two, depending on location. Larger orders may ship UPS.

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How will my discs be mailed?

We try very hard to make sure your discs arrive to you in the best condition possible. We pride ourselves in the care we take with all the discs that come into our shop.

All one disc orders go out bagged, in a bubble mailer, with cardboard backing.

All orders of 2+ discs go out in a cardboard box! The top disc will be bagged and they will be packed so there is very little wiggle room in the box.

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What does Flatness and Stiffness mean?

We try to give as much information about your discs as we can so they are virtually in your hand! Our Flatness description comes from us looking at the profile of the disc to see how much of a dome it has, if any. The Stiffness corresponds to how much flex each disc has. Some discs are very stiff, while some are quite gummy. We use gummy and flexible interchangeably, we were asked once if gummy meant the grippy-ness vs flexibility.

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Not a fan of what you received? It happens. We do our best to have our descriptions as spot on as possible to help you get exactly what you’re looking for, but sometimes it’s just not the right disc/product. Within two weeks from delivery we accept returns/exchanges. We don’t charge any kind of restocking fee if you’d like store credit, otherwise it’s a 10% fee for a refund to your card/PayPal. We do have you cover the shipping cost, but we’re happy to run our own rates and provide you a pdf of a shipping label. Once we receive the gear back we will refund you for the item(s). We don’t accept used products for returns/exchanges. If WE messed up, we certainly will own it 100% and cover the shipping cost, simply reach out through our contact form and we can make it right.

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