Challenger OS

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12 reviews for Challenger OS

  1. Kyle D. (verified owner)

    Very solid disc especially for only $8.

  2. Brett (verified owner)

    Very stable putter. Drives nicely.

  3. Caleb Stubbs (verified owner)

    Flies great, even when thrown with a lot of torque it just turns a little bit then glides straight and fades consistently

  4. Isaac Rechsteiner (verified owner)

    My main putter until I switch again. Which is probably sooner than I think! And don’t let the OS fool you! No more stable as a putter than your other stable putter options like a P2, BB Aviar, etc.

  5. Cory C. (verified owner)

    Favorite putter in my bag. I bought the jawbreaker

  6. Zach Moore (verified owner)

    Basically a beaded challenger ss, good feel to it

  7. Erick W. (verified owner)

    Great disc came in perfect condition and arrived 3 days early I would highly recommend this disc and OTB discs to anyone

  8. John M. (verified owner)

    Challenger OS is an interesting disc. I got it to compare to the Luna and it’s definitely more overstable than that. It has decent glide but a strong fade at the end (for a putter). It has a deep rim and a very flat top which for me is comfortable. I like this for approaches that need a little fade but not as much as a Zone and for drives off the tee. It could do well for headwind putts as well but I wouldn’t use it as my main putter. I got it in Jawbreaker plastic which is grippy while still being fairly firm.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice and glidey os

  10. Billy Yee (verified owner)

    i have been looking for another 1 of these to complement my other putter & OTB, again, had what i needed! Color & Weight too!

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