The Inaugural Only the Besties – 2020

2020 has been a wild year, why not bring some fun and joy to the world the best we can. The 2020 Only The Besties stemmed from some talk around the shop about who we thought the best in the sport were this year. Of course it devolved into this….We view the Besties as a mix between your high school yearbook and probably the Grammies/ESPY’s. We have a feeling these could be the most prestigious awards in the entire sport…….or….no one will care about them at all. Either way we are going forward with this! These are serious awards from very serious people… seriously! We are very excited to bring you the Inaugural Only the Besties!!!!

The Golden Spatula Award | Winner: Eagle McMahon

Who loves a nice batch of scrambled eggs, cooked by a chef with a golden spatula? In disc golf sometimes you have to scramble yourself a nice batch of eggs to get out of trouble. Some people like their pars over easy, some prefer them scrambled 😝. In 2020 the best scrambler was none other than Eagle McMahon. He played 10 tournaments that used UDisc scoring and finished with an outstanding 63% scramble rate. Only one person finished higher than him, Jonathon Nicholson with a 64% scramble rate in 5 events. Check out his video on how to throw a grenade below!!!

Honorable Mention(s) – Heather Young, with a 47% scramble rate in 8 tournaments, she led the FPO field and burst onto the scene as a legitimate contender in almost every tournament she played. Keep an eye out for her rockin’ the purple every week!

Ezra Aderhold Award | Winner: Ezra Aderhold

This is the easiest of all the awards to give out. Our friend that lives on beans and throws 2 country miles, this is the most ripped award and no human in the sport is more ripped than Ezra. This award might be his for a very long time. I mean just watch him bomb!

Honorable Mention(s) – No one. This race isn’t even close.

Best Face Hair Award sponsored by Sarge’s Beard Balms | Winner: Zach Melton

Face Hair is very important for those cold winter rounds of golf. If you can’t keep your face warm then how will you think clearly about each and every shot you take? It’s just science – warm face = hot scores! In our opinion that award goes to the one and only Zach Melton. The man has some of the best hair and face hair in the game and it should not go unnoticed! Give this man a follow too!

Honorable Mention(s) – Kevin Jones looking like Wolverine!

Dr. Packer Award | Winner: Kyle Coon

This award only pertains to a handful of people, this is the award that goes to the human that is best at packing boxes. We know that other people pack frisbees into boxes but we do not know their names and we are extremely biased towards ourselves. So without further ado the BESTIE goes to………..the one and only Kyle Coon!!!!!

Honorable Mention(s) – Mark Morris, Kyle’s bitter rival!

Craft Beer Disc Golf Club’s Suds Sampler | Winner: Avery Jenkins

One look at this mans Untappd profile and it is clear he is the winner. Others like Simon Lizotte or Nate and Val Doss are worthy contenders, however Avery came onto our podcast and we had some nice beer discussions 😜. On top of that he has tried 2968(!!!!) different beers 😳🍻. As huge beer fans ourselves, we are thoroughly impressed! As a prize for winning this award, Avery is welcome to drink as much beer as he wants anytime he is in Stockton. We only have 8 taps at the moment, but we’re always looking to add to that 😁.

Best Commercial Not Aired During ESPN | Winner: OTB’s Humans Are Magic

Well this one is easy. We had a great commercial lined up to be aired on ESPN2 but there was one minor hiccup, it was never aired!! While this was unfortunate it gave us a chance to get some marketing done! So we are continuing that marketing! We present the Forbidden OTB Commercial!

Honorable Mention(s) – No one. all the other commercials aired.

The Anti-Jeremy Farnsworth Award | Winner: Paige Pierce

Our boy Jeremy is not a good putter, but this human is! This is the only player to be in the top 3 in C1x and C2 putting in their respective divisions. Paige Pierce (who rocks some OTB 😎) is not only one of the best players to ever live but she is also the best putter in the game. She was 3rd in FPO from C1X putting at 79% and tied for first from C2 putting at 20%. Also like we said, we are extremely biased! Watch Paige shred both putting and driving in this amazing video below!!!

Honorable Mention – Ricky Wysocki. He finished in the top 10 in both C1x putting and C2 putting in MPO.

Winner of $20k at a Tournament | Winner: Hailey King

Lebron James is known for some of the best performances in the history of the NBA. We considered calling this the Lebron James award for excellence. This award features the player who had the best performance at an event this year. This young player came onto the scene strong and finished with the best performance of the year on a huge stage! The BESTIE for best performance goes to Hailey King at the DGPT Championships! Hailey bested the GOAT in a playoff to win 20,000 dollars and became the star of the DGPT Championships that aired on ESPN2! Check out coverage of the final round below!!

Honorable Mention(s): Kevin Jones. He probably should be the co-winner but Hailey bested the GOAT in a playoff.

Absolute Disc Golf’s Most Iconic | Winner: Calvin Heimburg

Vinny wins because of the glasses…and because someone(Absolute Disc Golf) made some amazing videos about how iconic this man is.

Honorable Mention(s): No one. Step your game up(except anyone wearing OTB you guys have style!)

Best Falling Putt | Winner: Kevin Jones

Ok, so whatever, maybe it’s not a falling putt… or even a putt…… but, this is just a crazy shot! And, the name is hilarious, just roll with it 🤷‍♂️🤣. Maybe the best throw ever caught on camera. Just watch…

Honorable Mention(s): N/A

Car of the Year | Winner: Paul McBeth

I mean the man got a McLaren. He’s still Paul McBeth and he still shreds. Maybe next year this will be a closer race…

Honorable Mention(s): Alex Lyon and Austin Hoop’s van with terrible, small bunk beds.

Bestest of the Besties | Winner: Paige Pierce

Once again this may come with a slightly(extremely) biased take, but Paige was dominant in 2020. Competing in 15 events she won 8 of them, 7 DGPT wins and the Women’s National Championship. She finished in the Top 2 in 12 events and only finished outside the Top 5 once. She was, once again, the most dominant player in the game. She is the Bestest of the Besties. Doesn’ this great commercial prove it?

Honorable Mention(s): Paul McBeth, Top 10 at every event. Kevin Jones, 7 wins including DGPT Championships.

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  1. I hereby nominate this for the best of the Besties of the 2020s.

  2. I would like to formally nominate the pancakes as the most cuddly in the shop

    1. The Pancakes have some competition but appear to be the front runner!

  3. If Joe Rogan had a disc golf podcast award

    Winner: Jammin’ With The Best
    Honorable Mention: The Disc Golf Podcast

  4. This is awesome . Congrats to all the besties!

  5. Best Disc Descriptions – The Pirate Nate Saga (Octoberg, Cyber Tooth, others?) I need more.

    1. More are coming!!!!

      1. YUS! Please make it so… it was awesome to meet you all this weekend!
        -Erick (AKA: RJ 2.0 & Pirate Nate’s lackey)

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