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Profit - burnt-orange - royal - red-purple-fade - black - gold - 172g - 173-5g - somewhat-puddle-top - very-stiff Burnt OrangeRoyalRed/Purple FadeBlackGold172g173.5g(-1) - Somewhat Puddle Top(7) - Very Stiff $13.76 Just 1 left!
Profit - yellow - royal - gold - 304 - 1194 - 173g - 173-8g - super-flat - very-stiff YellowRoyalGold--173g173.8g(1) - Very Flat(7) - Very Stiff $13.76 Just 1 left!


Mint Discs Profit – the 3rd mold in the Mint lineup, the Profit makes its mark as the 1st putter! The Alpha and Bobcat have made their case as great additions to the bags of many, now the Profit is ready to make some money for you =).

Some notes from Mint about the new release

“Originally PDGA approved on May 23, 2019, the Profit is our third disc, and first putt & approach disc. While we don’t want to call it the next Alpha, it’s safe to say this is that putter that gets pretty close. It covers a plethora of shots, either as an ideal slighty overstable putter (2/3/0/2) or as an easy to range driving disc.

Why do we think that? It starts with the top of the disc. The flat top profile helps for a clean and consistent release on any shot. Forehand dominate players will love this as your go-to approach with the basket in sight. Just give it a pop and let it find the chains.

It also features a “bead” on the bottom of the rim. The bead fits perfectly in the crease of your finger and this helps the disc fit snug in your grip.

While the bead can help add flight stability, it’s real intention is to help it maintain that stability over a longer life span. The Royal plastic is less durable than our Eternal, Apex or Sublime options. This means it might lose chunks of plastic from time to time. The bead being on the bottom will help absorb some of these hits and slow down the wear and tear you might see on an otherwise non-beaded putter. Trust us though, you want to beat this disc up because a well seasoned Profit is MONEY IN THE BANK!”

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Speed: 2, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 2