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PA3 - burnt-orange - 350g - blue-stars - 304 - 171g - 171-7g - super-flat - very-stiff Burnt Orange 350G Blue Stars - 171g 171.7g (1) - Very Flat (7) - Very Stiff $15.99 Just 1 left!

63 reviews for PA3

Based on 63 reviews
  1. Quintin Davis

    Love it!

  2. Zachary E Potter

    So good I went ahead and got me a stack!

  3. Travis

    Best putter in the game

  4. Tristen

    My go-to putter. Got some extras for winter practice!

  5. Michael

    Great thrower stable putter.

  6. scott

    Nice disc, but prefer the soft plastic.

  7. Tyler F.

    Minor damage on edge of 1 disc

  8. james

    Wish I would have bought it in 350 plastic, but it is a great approach and putt.

  9. Anonymous

    OTB never shipped my order for a week even though they said it had shipped. I had to figure out what was wrong via USPS which was a massive waste of time and extremely frustrating. I contacted OTB and they had a “shit happens” attitude about the entire process and their mistake. This is also not the first time they have a “not our problem” type of attitude towards late, wrong or damaged orders. I can not stress enough how garbage their customer support is.

  10. Isaac Rechsteiner

    Here I am again! Did I mention that the inner rim is a bit concave, making your grip even more comfortable than your usual putter! Ooh la la!

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Flight Numbers – Speed: 3, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 1