Kahu XG

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Kahu XG - orange - cosmic - black - 170g - somewhat-domey - pretty-gummy OrangeCosmicBlack170gSomewhat DomeyPretty Gummy $14.68 Just 1 left!
Kahu XG - blue - cosmic - black - 173g - neutral - somewhat-stiff BlueCosmicBlack173gNeutral FlatnessSomewhat Stiff $14.68 Just 1 left!


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Kahu – RPM Discs is an up and coming company in the disc golf world. Hailing from New Zealand, these discs have a great look to them with really cool artwork feautring different birds native to New Zealand. The Kahu is a workhorse distance driver, with three different molds with the same feel for multiple flights to cover all the shots you need. The Kahu XG version, for extra glide, is just that a glidier, less stable version of its brother, the OS. The OS is an overstable, wind fighter that is flat and has plenty of stability to hyzer on every shot. Then there is the Kahu, the original version is the go to disc for RPM in their lineup. A solid disc that gets plenty of turn and reliably fades back every time. Available in a few different plastic options you will find the perfect Kahu for you.

These Kahu XG feel great and are sure to get more glide and turn for you. Adding a super useful shot to the Kahu lineup!

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Flight Numbers – Speed: 13, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 3