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Thumbnail Color Plastic-Prodigy Stamp Foil Stamp Foil - 2 Weight Scaled Weight Flatness Stiffness PriceStockQuantity
D2 - yelloworange - air - gold - 304 - 158g - 159-9g - somewhat-domey - neutral Yellow OrangeAirGold-158g159.9g(5) - Somewhat Domey(4) - Neutral Stiffness $14.68 Just 1 left!

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  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Delivered in a timely manner and the disc was exactly how it was described. I’ll only buy from OTB from now on.

  2. Jeremy M. (verified owner)

    Awesome distance driver. Just enough flex to gain distance, but not too flippy into a headwind. 750 plastic is durable and will maintain flight characteristics for a good time. My new go-to driver.

  3. Josh Babiak (verified owner)

    Good straight to slightly over stable long range bomber

  4. Darrick Mazour (verified owner)

    absolute crusher

  5. Darrick Mazour (verified owner)

    Bomber disc that feels really nice! Prodigy makes some great plastic!

  6. Tyler (verified owner)

    Nothing wrong with the disc, but it’s too flippy at the weight it’s in. Guess I’ll use it for big roller shots.

  7. Josh (verified owner)

    Perfectly described. Gotta know flatness and scale weight with big distance drivers.

  8. Joshua (verified owner)

    Just as described, thank u

  9. Joseph Lennon (verified owner)

    Some much room for activities

  10. Travis Hutcheson (verified owner)

    I love the description of each disc! Weight, feel, and especially the level of flatness. Sometimes you want a disc with some dome, and other times you want one completely flat! Top notch!

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