Nate Perkins –

Nate Perkins has been a favorite in this shop for a while now, from his awesome play to his great commentary on post round coverage, the man does it all. We have partnered up for the 2020 year and we are excited to bring you guys some special products and content. Anything you see on this page will either be a signature disc or a collaboration between OTB Discs and Nate Perkins. This will include everything from special runs of discs to podcasts and more. We have had Nate on our podcast, Jammin’ With The Best a couple different times now and will be having him on more in the future. Stay tuned!! Follow Nate Perkins on Instagram @perksofdiscgolf

Nate is one of the most humble players on tour and is a really interesting listen on a podcast. He is thoughtful and hard working, really the perfect person to go outside the sport and reach more people. He is working on his brand Perks of Disc Golf and knowing Perks it is going to be a huge success. If you would like to support Nate and his tour then keep tabs on this page. We have a lot of amazing products coming your way!