Jammin' With The Best is a disc golf podcast based out of OTB Discs.

Jammin’ With The Best: A Disc Golf Podcast….Mostly

Jammin’ With The Best is a disc golf podcast based in Stockton, California. From the OTB and Windjammer Studios, we talk disc golf and the business of disc golf. The guys: Krash, Double A, and DC talk everything going on in the community and all the happenings in the shop, at least most of the time. Sometimes the beer is flowing and the stories start pouring in, so check us out, let us know what you think and stay tuned for more. Jammin’ With The Best is looking forward to bringing you guys quality content on a regular basis.

Join us as we bring you inside the world of disc golf business. We drink beer and tell stories about our experiences in running both a disc golf business and a disc golf club. Krash is the president of the Delta Windjammers and runs some of the best events in the country. The Delta Windjammers throw more than a tournament a month and are constantly applying for PDGA Majors. DC and Double A run OTBdiscs.com and bring you the business side including some of the ideas that are happening on a week to week basis in the shop. Jammin’ With The Best would like to give a big thanks to Sarg’s Beard Balms(http://www.facebook.com/SargsBeardBalm/) for supporting us and giving Danny the best beard in the world. If there are 20 disc golf podcasts then we are in the Top 25 we guarantee that! Find more Podcast info at windjammers.club/podcast

Music by Stockton’s very own Steve Spiffler

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